Church Business Meeting 15th November 2015

Church Meeting 15th November 2015

Meeting was opened in prayer 70 members present.


  1. Minutes of last church meeting: – These were unanimously accepted there were 3 abstentions and 0 against.
  2. Resignations: – Ben & Lorraine White have resigned their membership.

We also welcomed new members to their first church meeting.

Gareth prayed for Ben and Lorraine and for the new members.

  1. Buildings review: – Alastair shared around the buildings. There was a letter available which was passed out which Alastair summarised. (Letter attached to minutes) There were many things that we can give God thanks for. As a leadership team we have been seeking God as to where he is leading us.

We need to look at how the buildings serve the church vision and how can they generate wealth.

Where we are now is probably different from where we are were 5 years ago. We now feel that Oxford Road is no longer the place that will be the central point.  We have paused and considered where we are and where we should go. We have engaged a lovely guy called Derek Kemp who has a heart to help churches fulfil their vision.

In our hearts we known that God has given us words for all of the buildings and that there is an emotional attachment for some as well.

There are a number of factors that we will need to consider such as planning. It is not just a simple case of raising money.

As part of the review we will bring the options to leaders envisioning and then bring the recommendations to the church meeting next spring.

Question: – How long does planning permission last? We have planning into 2016 to extend this all we need to do is a small piece of work at the building.

St Birinus Car park. We have one of the most spectacular carparks there is. We all knew as we developed the site the pressures would become more apparent. The planners at West Berks asked us to do something about parking. When we began the development we didn’t know that the land on Langley hill was prone to landslip. We thought that the cost would be approx. £60K but when the costing came back it was £90K plus VAT. As elders we had to step back but with the nursery opening in September we had to make a decision and go ahead.

The contractors have done an amazing job.

Alastair and YInka apologised that the decision was made without the church being informed but felt it was in line with what had been said in previous meetings.

  1. George: – He has decided that at his age it is time to resign his eldership/trusteeship. He has been asked if this meant he was leaving the church but he is not leaving.

There has been a growing tension in him which is his fault but it is right to step aside and allow others to step up. He said it has been a privilege to serve the church. He prays that Gods richest blessing will rest upon the church. He had a vision that the church will have a 1000 people and 100 groups and he believes that God will lead us into this. He has given us gifted leaders who will lead us into this. Please pray fervently that God will bring about the blessing

Yinka said that George became an elder knowing that the structure that we had was not what he was used to but he wanted to serve the church and the people. Yinka thanked him and the church thanked him as well. Lesley prayed for him and Ann.

  1. Connection update.

Connection leaders are working on their connection plans with their leadership teams.

Rob & Lesley have moved to Calcot

Yinka & Fiona have stepped into the Meadway.

Gareth, Rachel & Mabel – River

Sue has a Dream to pioneer in the Oxford Road area

Loddon – Alastair & Jane

This involves all of us so we gathered into small groups to pray.


  1. The youth

We are only two weeks in to our exciting new Youth launch but already God has been moving greatly and we’ve seen some exciting stuff.

The first two sessions of Genesis, which meets early on a Wednesday evening in this building have gone fantastically well. We have a superb new youth-team and we’ve been really encouraged by the response of all the young people to what God has had to say through the leaders over the last couple of weeks.

We’re hoping this group will become even more exciting over time as it’s developed and shaped by some of our youth, and that it will become an incubator for young people who want to take their faith to the next level.

The second session whose name is yet to be confirmed meets later on a Wednesday evening at Nathan and Sue Winyard’s house.

This group loosely follows the rhythm of church life and is dedicated to those who want to go deeper in their faith, and win their generation for Jesus.

The first two weeks have been absolutely amazing. The young people have arrived full of faith and expectation and God has very clearly shown up. This group of young people have committed themselves to living by certain principles e.g. praying and reading their Bible regularly – in fact the whole group has recently started reading the book of Mark and the aim is that we’re all finished by the New Year.
Prophecy is already commonplace in this group of young people; this week just gone three of them turned up already having prepared words beforehand to share with the group. The words they brought were astounding.
That time was followed by them breaking down into smaller groups where everybody was hearing and sharing incredible, multi-faceted, meaningful words from God. His presence was very tangible.

This is just the beginning though.
There is much more to come.
We’ve seen nothing yet.

Yinka said this is the dream, that our youth will have their own spiritual space and so we won’t lose them.

The pain of change is painful but we have to give the youth that want to go deeper the chance to do this.


  1. Finance update.

Paper was given out with an update and Adam spoke to this.(Paper attached)

The accounts for 2014/15 are with the accountant for preparation.

The budget does not include the restricted funds such as BSSM.

Adam is an amazing guy who works well with the leadership.

Katie prayed for him and the finances of the church.


  1. Love Your Community (LYC) & Acorns.

The church has a company limited by guarantee called LYC, Gareth Graham & Gary are the directors and the first business Acorns is open.

The nursery opened on break even. Jane was thanked for her sterling work with Ofsted. There were tears but we were able to open on the day we stated. We thanked Jenny and the team. When you walk into the place it is like pure joy.

LYC will be looking at whether they take on TLG next year so please pray.

Funders will give to churches as long as they don’t look like a church so there is scope to apply for grants.

LYC is made up of members which is the leadership of the church so it can’t go off into the sunset and do its own thing.

If you would like to know more then please ask. There is also the volunteering side and we are working on how to equip volunteers.

LYC works in 2 parts, there is the company and the church side. In the church vision you will see that LYC arches over the church.

The purpose of the company is to help with the business but LYC also works to help the church equip people who are serving in the church

Question: – How do you access volunteering?  You can either speak to your connection leaders or the ministry leaders.

Yinka prayed to close the meeting

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