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How To Avoid A Leaky Ostomy Pouch

For those of us who have to live the rest of our lives with the addition of a stoma, there is truly nothing worse than having to deal with a leaky ostomy pouch. If you are not familiar with what an ostomy is, then count your blessings; I have way more knowledge about the world of ostomy than I ever wish to have, but here I am writing another pointless article about ostomies and stomas that literally no one will ever read.

Regardless, I find it necessary to come on here today and talk about the topic of ostomy once again. That is why I am going to spend some time talking about what ostomy pouch leaks are, how to avoid them, and some basic tips and tricks that you can hopefully use to avoid having a leaky ostomy pouch in your future.

After all, nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly smelling like hell’s bowls – ostomy pouches are probably some of the most disgusting and repulsive smelling things in the existence of the human race and the earth itself. With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about how to avoid having a leaky ostomy pouch. 

All people with ostomies have to deal with leaks at some point in their lives. It is unfortunately just a sad fact about living life with a stoma; however, there are multiple factors that can lead to a leaky ostomy pouch system, so it is important to determine the cause of the leak in order to properly address and fix the issue and prevent leaks in the future. Once you have found the main source of the problem, then you can begin to look for ways in which to fix it.

You can even hop on the internet and see if other ostomates have had similar issues in their own ostomy pouch systems and can offer some insight or advice. The first thing that you will want to make sure of is that you are using the correct wafer for your ostomy pouch system. There are different types of wafers made for different purposes, and since everyone has a different body and different experience, there may be a need to change the wafer you are using. For example, if you find a flat wafer to be leaking content, then it might be better for you to switch to a convex wafer. This is just one example of a simple solution that can totally explain and solve your ostomy pouch leakage problem.

Another way that you might prevent leaks in your ostomy pouch system is to empty the contents of your ostomy pouch before it gets too full. Sometimes when the pressure build up is too great inside the ostomy pouch, it can create problems for the skin barrier around your stoma and can cause leakage of gas or of output. So if you have not already invested in some type of ostomy pouch that allows for the release of gas, that might be a good investment for you. If you are experiencing a lot of gas in your ostomy pouch, simply release some of it into the outside air or in the bathroom, and you may find there to be less leakage once some of the pressure has been eliminated. 

How To Avoid Getting Gas In Your Ostomy Pouch

We are all too familiar with that awful sensation of a ballooned up ostomy pouch. Not only does it put unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure on your stoma and your abdomen, but it is also harder to hide your ostomy pouch when it is ballooned up to the size of the hindenburg and can be seen from miles away even underneath your clothes.

Well, if you have been recently struggling with controlling the gas that is filling up your ostomy pouch, then we have something in common. I have actually been dealing with this problem for months on end, and it has ruined a lot of social situations and various nights out because I feel insecure about the gas that has filled up my ostomy pouch so fast.

It is even more annoying when you constantly have to change your ostomy bag because it keeps filling up so quickly. Also, we all have experienced having the seal on our skin barrier become burdened or irritated due to the pressure of the over-inflated ostomy pouch. I was so tired of this problem that I ended up doing a lot of my own research about gas in ostomy pouches to see if there are certain things that I can do to battle the gas or even prevent it. Fortunately my hard work paid off and I was able to find a bunch of different articles written about ostomy pouches and how to solve the problem of the pouch being over-inflated with gas. 

First off, it is important to note some of the primary reasons for getting gas in our bodies. Normal people (people who don’t have a stoma or have to live with an ostomy pouch) actually fare a lot better when it comes to getting gas because they have a way to stop the gas from coming out of their body at unwanted times.

Those of us with a stoma, however, are forced to just let the gas build up inside of our ostomy pouches until things are about ready to burst. That is why it is actually really important to figure out what types of things can create gas in our systems and try to avoid doing those things as best as we can.

The first thing I would like to talk about is how eating different types of food can cause gas. Believe it or not, the old myth about beans is actually true; beans can cause a lot of gas in our bodies. So the next time you go to take a great big bite of Johnsonville baked beans, think about the effects that the gas will have on your ostomy pouch in the long run. Other food like cabbage and sweet potatoes can also cause a lot of gas, so those would be good things to avoid eating if you are out on the town for the night.

Surprisingly, the way that we eat also has a huge impact on the amount of gas that we may experience. Chewing food with your mouth open or attempting to talk while eating can cause us to swallow a lot of air, which will in turn create more gas that needs to go somewhere else.

I hope this article helped you overcome your gassy ostomy pouch problem – good luck!