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One thing that I notice a lot of people with an ostomy struggle with is what they should be wearing. Some people are very insecure about their appearance, and wearing an ostomy pouch can make a lot of people feel very vulnerable in public and are worried what others will think of them. I can totally understand this sentiment, and it is true that I used to feel the same way back when I had first undergone surgery to get my ostomy. However, nowadays I really couldn’t care less about what people care about my ostomy pouch. Honestly, I say let the people watch. Let your kids take pictures of it if they want – I genuinely do not care. However, I feel for those people who are self-conscious about their ostomy pouch and wish to hide it when they go out in public to shop, socialize, work, or party. Because of this, I have decided to write this article about some helpful dressing tips for people with ostomy pouches who wish to hide them. Believe it or not, you can actually dress in certain ways that hide your ostomy pouch very effectively, and can even make it look like you have no ostomy pouch at all. I know this because I used to try my best to hide my ostomy pouch when I went out in public, back in my early ostomy days.

The best advice that I can give about dressing with an ostomy pouch is to go for comfort above all else. The last thing you need to do is sacrifice the comfort of your ostomy pouch for a bit of fashion or something like that. If you put on any clothes that put pressure on your ostomy pouch system, skin barrier, or stoma, then make sure to take those clothes off right away no matter how good they look.

Many people like to dress to impress, and therefore may not take into account the overall health of their ostomy pouch regarding the types of clothes that they are wearing. However, the best way to start dressing with an ostomy pouch begins at the undergarments layer of your clothing. What I am talking about is investing in some sort of leggings or compression shorts if you do not already have them (leggings for the girls, compression pants for the guys). These types of undergarments are great for dressing with an ostomy pouch because they actually keep the ostomy pouch fitting more tightly to your body and make the pouch more slender and form fitting. In addition to this, you don’t need to worry about your pouch bouncing around or just lying underneath your clothes if you are wearing something tighter underneath.

It is also worth mentioning that they make different types of ostomy belts or wraps specifically for the purpose of keeping the ostomy pouch closer to your body and more form fitting. A lot of people who have to wear an ostomy pouch take advantage of this little trick, and oftentimes you would not even notice that they have an ostomy pouch at all. Most clothes that you layer on top of your compression shorts or leggings will not be tight enough to reveal that you have an ostomy pouch underneath all that fabric. Since that is the case, your ostomy secret should be safe with you!