The Google Pixel 4 Review

The Pixel 4 is the latest attempt at making a google phone that’s the best that the Android has to offer, which offers new photography features, machine learning, and other AI aspects. It’s one of the best camera phones right now, but the problem is, the upgrades are minimal everywhere else. Google hasn’t’ tried to completely change everything with the Pixel 4, but instead, they play it safe with little upgrades here and there. This is a device that does offer a unique look that you truly wont’ see in other flagship phones.

The uniqueness of course, comes from the appearance, the materials that it uses, and the fact that it’s a bit smaller than the top devices, which means that it could be on the better side for those who think the current devices that the users have on the market. This does contain the 90 Hz refresh rate, and offers a better experience for scrolling through social media, or even playing video games, and there is  lot of power on tap, with a recent chipset and about 6 GB of RAM as well.

The biggest downside is the battery life, which is terrible on this phone. This does use a radar technology called Soli, and it’s made to identify where you are, in order to predict when you’ll reach for the phone, so that the screen is on and waiting for you. While it seems cool as a gimmick, it’s very limited. But, this google pixel phone is actually smaller in price than other the Pixel 3 series, which may help compensate for the lack of innovation on the part of these phones.

This phone is already out, and if you have it already, then great, but it is also available in most of the major carriers, and it is even going to work with Google Fi and spectrum too.  It also is available in other places such as the UK and Australia.

If you want to buy it outright, it’s right around $799 for the smaller storage option, with only a 100 dollar difference in the other version of this. The one downside to this phone, however, is that there are only some models of this, and the UK orange variant is available at only the 64 GB option, and you should look into this to see what option you can get before this.

The Pixel 4 has the same price as the Pixel 3 had at launch, which means that the launch price is much lower, and it is definitely a nice little bonus.

In terms of the design, it uses the rubberized black coating around the sides to make grip easier, and comes in three colors: black, white, and orange. It is one of the smallest flagship phones currently, and that’s something that some people may not realize. However, there isn’t a tone that’s new compared to some of the other phones on the market.  This isn’t significantly updated compared to the 3 as well, and it feels good in your hands if you have smaller fingers. The handset has a frame that’s aluminum, which runs the circumference of the device, giving you a solid structure, and rubberized black coating to this too.  This does feel a little bit odd to touch, but it is mostly due to the fact that the Pixel 4 doesn’t have the same higher-end appeal that the other phones do.

But, once you hold it for a few minutes, you’ll notice that it has a lot more of a grip compared to the rivals, which are all glass, or even metal, and it fits very comfortably in your hand.

This doesn’t feel as premium, but it is still a good phone for you to use, and it is one that you’ll definitely want to consider. Though, battery life is the one major thing holding this one back.