The iPhone 11 Vs. the Pixel 4

While it’s true that those who are loyal to one type of phone company or another may want to consider using the natural successors, it’s super easy to switch between one system or another. So, whether you’re deciding on a phone to get or not, you definitely will want to look at both the iPhone 11 and the Pixel 4.  As the cheapest options from both these companies, they’re excellent for those beginning with a phone for this year.

While they have only 100 dollars difference in their retail prices, many of the retailers and carriers are offering discounts, which will lower the prices completely, or you might get some money back. here, we’ll weigh each of these and the comparisons between both as well.

First, let’s talk the iPhone 11. While this one doesn’t have the same display level as the Pixel 4, there is a lot of cool features. This doesn’t’ have the anthropography features or the touchless gestures that the Pixel 4 does, but it’s still a great phone. It is future proof, and it does have some decent storage options, and a great camera that does record some wonderful video.

The Pixel 4, in contrast, is a first-rate phone that’s in it of itself. This does have some cool software options, and some sensing and live audio technology, which is useful, and the display on the phone has a wonderful refresh rate in order to keep things nice and smooth, and it does have a good camera. However, the storage options are limited the price tag is higher, and probably the worst part of this is the battery life kind of stinks with this phone.

So, they both look very similar to the predecessors, and they both have familiar designs. Both of these are incredibly comfy to navigate however, especially with one hand. The smaller frame of the Pixel 4 makes it slightly better, and they both are incredibly water resistant. But, the iPhone 11 looks a little bit better. The backside is a little more elegant and refined, and it comes in a lot more colors.  Both of them have camera bumps, but the dual camera setup of the 11 offers a nicer layout compared to the black square with the Pixel 4’s back having it practically stamped on there.

The Pixel 4 does have a trick, and that is the display.  It’ll ha e a higher Pixel density, so it’ll be sharper, and it has an OLED screen, which makes the black hues inkier and deeper than the 11.  It does have less of a purity in terms of whites than on the 1. Overall, the colors are very vibrant on both, and they both are nicely contrasted on each phone, and you really won’t notice a difference until you hold each of them side-by-side.  The Pixel 4 has a display refresh rate that’s much higher than the iPhone 11.  By refreshing more often, it makes everything super fluid.

The cameras are awesome on both, and you’ll be satisfied with each, but there are certain aspects of one over the other. The Pixel 4 takes sharper and more vibrant pictures with a wonderful HDR effect, making the photos appear much more cinematic and dramatic. It’s got a digital zoom too which is excellent, and the colors are good, but the iPhone 11 has really good image processing.

Probably the one place that the iPhone beats the Pixel 4 is of course, the battery life. The battery life on the Pixel 4 is awful when in contrast the iPhone 11 is much better in terms of battery life. Both of these are decent phones however, and if you’re someone who is pressed for a good camera, this may be the better option.